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“Not all the artists included in the exhibtion seem to have welcomed this imposed inclusion... Temma Bell's beautifully painted glass is upstaged by a mass of luscious red currents in a wooden basket on a heaving sea of blue and white cloth.”
-Martica Sawin, “A Glass Seen and Seen-Through”
“Bell resolves every challenge she sets for herself, she responds to each of them with intelligence and a generosity that lifts the everyday up pretty high.”
-Jed Perl, “Modern painters”
“No Contemporary painter knows more about the messy bountifulness of the family life than the immensely gifted Temma Bell. Bell paints it all, and her brushstrokes thrive on the subject matter much the way a novelists sentences do. Her techniques is derived from nineteenth- and twentieth- century French painting ; at one point or another the scribbled surfaces, the underlining of a from with a black line, the bright colors and the soupy darker ones recall moments from Corot, Derain, Bonnard and a host of others. Bell isn't dampeningly reverent about those masters of the past; its their gift of embracing life that comes through in the contemporary mood of her work.”
Jed Perl “Gallery going”
“The light which pours from her paintings has the density of water, or perhaps snow which, falling between buildings, gives shape to the air that envelops us. One of her most impressive virtues is the forthright way she sets to work. She somehow manages to make credible the most awkward-looking objects.”
-L.C “Art News”